Children's Picture Books to Feed Young Tummies and Minds

upporting emergency famine relief

Read a collection of beautifully illustrated children's picture books for children ages baby to seven and their parents. Picco and Wren Three, Get to Bed! and The Little Book of Why, will be go-to favorites for parents and kids alike. Why? They are FUN, ENGAGING, and CREATIVE with BRIGHT ILLUSTRATIONS and LOVING THEMES. Check one out, today!

The hope with these books is to establish a legacy foundation that will continue to support famine relief operations locally and around the world - while providing biblically-relevant stories to children that will benefit them their whole lives.

Hey there!

I’m Catherine, but people call me Cat - I’m passionate about storytelling, planet earth, and humanity.

In years past, I spent my time walking goats and have been called the goat lady, and I also spent 16 years working at the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) where I was called the balloon lady (some nicknames really stick, huh!). I hope one day I will be called the children's book lady!

My husband and I climbed Bugaboo Spire in British Columbia, Canada on our honeymoon, and in 2019, my heart was moved to help famine relief efforts around the world.

It was then I spearheaded the Basketful Relief Project: Beautiful Children's Books to Feed Young Tummies and Minds, where I am writing children's books and donating proceeds from book sales to support established famine relief organizations. To date, the Basketful Relief Project has financially supported international efforts in Yemen, and the Ukrainian refugee crisis, as well as donated locally to the Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA), and the Lyons Vet Clinic charity fund. Since 2019, I have written six children's books, chapter and picture, all due to be published by the end of the year, 2022.

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Picco and Wren Three

This is a sweet story especially great for reading aloud. You will have fun singing - or trying to sing along with the wren family! The messages of friendship and family are heartwarming and will be a reading experience that children will enjoy.

Anna Maria

Cute book about unconditionally loving your family, despite differences. Also shows that you can admire and be friends with someone who does something you admire, even if you can't do it yourself. This is the opposite of jealousy and a good lesson for kids to learn. It also shows that you shouldn't give up on each other. It's sweet that the baby wren learns how to sing by trying to inspire Picco to heal. Nice illustrations and a loving story.
C.L. Piper 

Amazon Customer

Get to Bed!

Oh my, what a sweet book!!! The illustrations are warm and inviting for a bedtime book. The rhyming and light humor will capture every young, and old, heart out there. I can just hear a young child responding to their parent when asked if they are asleep, "Nope!" The book offers a sweet story for families to incorporate into their bedtime ritual. Definitely a must for every young child's book collection!

Mary J Elverhoy

A short story that exhibits the love and contentment that is found in the routine chores of life if you look for it. Sure to please the young reader with beautiful illustrations and empathy for the animals as they settle in for the night. A warm and heartfelt tale.
P Young

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The Little Book of Why

The Little Book of Why, by Cat Russell, is a sweet story of the journey of curious little girl Belle and father, Ben, as they explore the wonder and majesty of the wild world around them. Questions don't always need answers to be worth asking, but the process still bonds the two of them through their shared experience.


This book is a beautiful and simple narrative of love. I can remember asking some of the same questions as a child - not really caring about the answers - just expressing my curiosity of the world. The story feels so personal. Love this book!

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Beautifully Illustrated children’s picture books

Teach your children life lessons in a fun, engaging way.

Take a peek at Picco and Wren Three.

My Children's Picture Books

The Basketful Relief Project

Books written for the Basketful Relief Project: Beautiful Children's Books to Feed Young Tummies and Minds, donates proceeds from book sales to support emergency famine relief efforts around the world.

Spend quality time with your child with these go-to picture books that will spark their imaginations while hooking them into the wonderful world of reading!

Ready to kindle a love of stories for your children?

Download an excerpt of Picco and Wren Three, enjoy!

What You'll Find in Our Picture Books

A wonderful collection of children’s stories that tell engaging, fun and moralistic tales.

Beautiful illustrations to accompany each tale and engage your child even more in the wonderful world of storytelling.

The opportunity to support emergency famine relief around the world by simply making a purchase.

How about a fun, colorful story before bedtime?

Picco and Wren Three
is a go-to storytime book before you tuck in your child at night.

Wrens are born to sing! So, what do you do when you are a wren who can only squeak? Poor little Wren Three had this very problem. Though Mamma Wren and her other siblings, Wren One and Wren Two, loved her very much, Wren Three could not sing like they could. One day, Wren Three makes a new friend: Picco, the piccolo, and they soon share their talents with each other. Will Wren Three ever be able to sing? What could possibly turn Wren Three's squeak into a song? Perhaps true friendship holds the key to success.

Picco and Wren Three is a children's picture book for ages baby to seven and their parents.

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