The Pearls of Wisdom Series: Stories Inspired by a Biblical Proverb

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Read a collection of beautifully illustrated children's stories each inspired by a Biblical proverb, and packed with moral lessons. Immerse your children in the wonderful world of fantasy and storytelling, fun animal characters in a magical kingdom, not to mention adventure! Valuable life lessons are here for the taking, nurturing young hearts to grow into godly adults. These fun stories will speak to the kid in all of us, regardless our age.

The hope with these books is to establish a legacy foundation that will continue to support famine relief operations locally and around the world - while providing biblically-relevant stories to children that will benefit them their whole lives.

Hey there!

I’m Catherine, but people call me Cat - I’m passionate about storytelling, planet earth, and humanity.

In years past, I spent my time walking goats and have been called the goat lady, and I also spent 16 years working at the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) where I was called the balloon lady (some nicknames really stick, huh!). I hope one day I will be called the children's book lady!

My husband and I climbed Bugaboo Spire in British Columbia, Canada on our honeymoon, and in 2019, my heart was moved to help famine relief efforts around the world.

It was then I spearheaded the Basketful Relief Project: Beautiful Children's Books to Feed Young Tummies and Minds, where I am writing children's books and donating proceeds from book sales to support established famine relief organizations. To date, the Basketful Relief Project has financially supported international efforts in Yemen, and the Ukrainian refugee crisis, as well as donated locally to the Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA), and the Lyons Vet Clinic charity fund. Since 2019, I have written six children's books, chapter and picture, all due to be published by the end of the year, 2022.

The Pond of Reflection

Princess Journee is a little mouse with a big mission. In The Pond of Reflection (Pearls of Wisdom Series Book 1), written by Catherine Ann Russell and illustrated by Brooke Connor, the princess lives with her royal father. He abhors shallowness and has forbidden mirrors in the peaceful kingdom so that no one will be selfconscious about their appearance. The internal person, the “insideout,” is of greater importance. But Journee doesn’t know what she looks like and feels she doesn’t know enough about herself even though she is aware that the external does not define her. For her birthday, she goes on a quest, traveling through the kingdom with three friends in search of the Pond of Reflection, which can serve as a mirror since the kingdom has none.

With a pristinely flowing narrative and quirky characterization, The Pond of Reflection (Pearls of Wisdom Series Book 1) has a lot of charismatic strength, and the story never falters. A moral fable at its finest, it springboards off a Bible verse, Proverbs 27:19, to build a winsome story about finding true self-respect. It’s a beautiful, high-quality fantasy story about a set of four close-knit animal friends who quietly meander through an enchanted countryside and discover life together. A splendid yet understated interior of illustrations and decorative page design makes this book perfect for little readers to savor and read over and over. Catherine Ann Russell’s book is the sort of story I loved to read as a child and I’m sure many young people today will enjoy it too because it depicts the world of children, what they need, and what preoccupies them so sympathetically.

Readers' Favorite Reviewer: Sarah Scheele

The Hyrax Song

The Hyrax Song (Pearls of Wisdom Series Book 2) is a work of fiction in the fantasy and adventure subgenres, and it forms the second installment of the series. This work by Catherine Ann Russell and artist Brooke Connor is intended for children. We follow a series of adorable animal creatures on a quest to find the truest version of themselves in this short tale based on Biblical messages of goodwill to others. Our protagonist, the mouse Princess Journee, must band together with friends old and new to save her father’s kingdom from a dark fate that awaits. In doing so, she will encounter all different kinds of personalities and ideas and learn to embrace others with acceptance and cooperation.

I enjoy children’s works that have a clear moral message but also manage to tell a compelling story without simply turning it into another sermon or lecture on Biblical morals. Catherine Ann Russell achieves this beautifully in this succinct but memorable work that independent readers will certainly enjoy escaping into. To add to the layers of clever storytelling and positive theming, the illustrations by Brooke Connor make the story come to life for those whose imaginations need a little more of a nudge. The combined approach gives a unique personality to Journee and each of her lovable friends, making readers even more invested in the outcome of their adventures. The Hyrax Song will certainly please fans of the first work in the series, and newcomers will adore discovering a new storytelling style from a creative team with an uplifting message to share.”

Readers' Favorite Reviewer: K.C. Finn

The Zoe-Chai Seed

The Zoe-Chai Seed (Pearls of Wisdom – Book 3) was written by Catherine Ann Russell and illustrated by Brooke Connor. What a wonderful way to teach children about loyalty and true friendship with a story about a kingdom of animals of all sorts who live harmoniously with each other and have a mouse for a king. The fact that the adventures are conducted by the king’s daughter Journee and that the king encourages her and helps her in the adventures with her friends is delightful. I like to think that it would encourage children to explore the world around them with the help of an adult with a lively imagination.

When I read it, I thought what a lovely book to share in schools and with grandchildren. The Zoe-Chai Seed by Catherine Ann Russell is well written for a young audience. Just before the journey to find the wonderful seed gets too long, another adventure or mishap helps keep the attention of the young reader. The illustrations are wonderful, especially the map at the beginning of the book which is a delightful way for youngsters to trace the adventure of Princess Journee, Mr. Steed, Mr. Owl, Mr. Toad, and Mr. Hopper from the Locust Army. I found it a delightful story and really enjoyed it, especially the message it sends to each child that love and generosity of spirit are more important than many other things we think are important. Thank you for a lovely book for children. It is well worth reading, especially in a classroom, or on a cold winter’s afternoon to loved ones in front of a warm fire, sharing hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Readers' Favorite Reviewer: Bernadette Longu

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A wonderful collection of children’s stories that tell engaging, fun and moralistic tales.

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The opportunity to support emergency famine relief around the world by simply making a purchase.

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Ready to immerse your child in the wonderful world of stories, all while teaching them important moral lessons that they will carry with them for their entire lives?

The Pearls of Wisdom Series is a collection of beautiful children's stories covering a variety of narratives, colorful characters, immersive worlds and engaging themes.

Drawing from archetypal biblical themes such as the power of sacrificial love, the importance of caring for your neighbor, and the benefits of generosity, this collection of wonderful tales will not only hook your child into the world of reading, they’ll also show them how to be better humans throughout the rest of their lives!

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